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1.40 What are the diffrences between bamboo flooring, and wood flooring?

Q. Can you also give pro's and con's of both? thanks.

A. Wood flooring is made directly from trees, while bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass. Some say it is even harder than hardwood! Bamboo comes in various qualities - from bamboo laminate, to the more expensive, woven and carbonized bamboo flooring. There are several pages discussing the pros, cons and varieties of wood and bamboo flooring listed on the following Quick Click Green Flooring Guide. http://www.building-your-green-home.com/flooring-types.html Specific pages on bamboo are the following: http://www.building-your-green-home.com/bamboo-hardwood-flooring.html http://www.building-your-green-home.com/bamboo-wood-floors.html Hope this helps.

1.20 Carpet or wood flooring?

Q. Im getting ready to replace the berber carpet through out my house and cant decide if I want carpet or wood flooring. My kitchen, entry way and both bathrooms have newly installed ceramic tile. Which would be better carpet or wood floors?

A. Wood ,with a nice rug on top

1.20 What to use as underlay under vinyl flooring on a concrete floor?

Q. I am about to have some vinyl flooring fitted in my kitchen and would grateful for any suggestions as to what I can use for cushioning and to try and keep the floor as warm as possible under foot. I have had vinyl flooring before and it is still hard and cold when standing on the flooring. I have even tried cork tiles and this did not seem to make a huge difference. Would a laminate and wood flooring underlay be suitable or would this be a waste of time? I should add that I am in the UK.

A. An idea, There is a product by DRIcore subfloor which is designed to be put over concrete floors in basements, playrooms etc, this may be something you would want to look into, it would serve all your needs. Lowes carries this by the way, here's a link to the DRIcore website http://www.dricore.com/en/eIndex.aspx

1.20 What color wood flooring should I choose if my kitchen cabinets are a medium brown with a darker grain?

Q. We aren't sure if our flooring should match the cabinets or be the color of the dark grain. Our furniture is dark so I want to pull it all together if possible. Also the grain in our cabinets is pretty busy so should we do a calmer grain pattern in the floor? Thanks!

A. Choose the darker grain color in a very plain pattern. that way it will match well and not give you a migraine. if it's really dark use your best judgement and ask a friend for advice. try to get several floor samples the color you like and several a couple shades darker or lighter.

1.20 What is the best type of laminate wood flooring to be used on a concrete floor? Glue type or glue-less?

Q. My parents and I are re-modeling parts of our home and we'd like to know what kind of laminate wood flooring could be used on a concrete floor. Glue or glueless? Bear in mind that my parents are both home improvement people (Dad is a roofing supervisor; Mom works as a dept. manager for a local indie hardware store). However, they are open to advice and suggestions from others on what kind of laminate wood flooring to use on concrete floors.

A. Glue down laminate is obsolete now. They are all what they call ''floating'' floors now. Any major brand will suffice. You may just want to look and see how easy the planks go together before deciding. Some brands have a foam backing with a moisture barrier already glued to the back of them and some require that you buy the foam in a roll that has to be laid down first. Obviously the real cheap stuff is going to feel like walking on cardboard and the pricier stuff will feel like real wood. No laminate is intended for a full bathroom where water/moisture from a tub or shower is present.

1.20 What type of flooring would look best in a room with yellow walls?

Q. Im getting new flooring in my room and the walls are yellow. What color of carpet would look best in it or would hard wood flooring look best and if so what type? And its a small room if that has anything to do with it i was thinging of bamboo flooring, would that look good to if i picked that

A. Bamboo flooring is not only a beautiful choice, available in many stain colours (light to dark), IT is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Great Choice. -stain colour : light

1.20 Flooring Question: What flooring should I use for an entry way?

Q. My living room is going to be laminate wood flooring, but I am thinking of using another surface for the entry area, to create a sort of mudroom space. What flooring should I use? I want something very durable because the kids run in and out with sand and mud. Slate? The style of the house is rustic, so the polished or modern look wouldn't fit. Thanks for your input! If you reply tile or slate, what about the grout? I hate the way old, dirty grout looks. Are there any alternatives????

A. Ceramic tile will last forever if done correctly... At least 3/4" marine plywood screwed down well, two layers if area will allow it, then cementboard screwed down to that. Fill all screw holes with floor patch, also level corners or uneven spots with "floor patch and level". Be sure to use good quality adhesive, and use spacers for even grouting. Use good quality grout and apply it maticulously, then seal it. If any steps are skipped you may get a loosened or broken tile through the years, and you basically have to rip up the whole thing to fix one spot. But a job well done will last decades! Good luck :-)

1.20 How to prep subfloor for wood flooring?

Q. I've installed prefinished wood flooring before but the kitchen has ceramic tile glued to 1/4" plywood, which is then (I assume) glued and nailed to the original sub floor. I need to remove the tile and 1/4" plywood so I can put our new wood flooring on the original subfloor. What is the best way to do this? I was planning on using a hammer and chisel but is there a specialized tool i can use?

A. Yes there is.. A hammer and wide chisel... In your case , and I ve removed 100s of floors over the years and that what you need to do. Hammer and chisel off the tile, using caution. Chips FLY!! Then you can use a crow bar to get under the wood and go at it.If your lucky it was screwed down and you can unscrew a lot of them. But most will pull through the 1/4" luan and then deal with that later. Your lucky it was installed wrong this is an easier rip out, Suggestion. Safety glasses, long sleeve shirt sand ear protection to prevent chips in the ears ( I m not kidding) Cover doorways to help prevent dust and put a fan in a window to suck dust out. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications GL

Wood Flooring

 Flooring - Wood Flooring There is no match to the kind of beauty and warmth that your hard wood flooring can give to your >, Oklahoma area home. No matter what the newest style of flooring in the market, there is an elegantly old world look that a wood floor provides that other flooring materials simply don't come close to. Looks aren't the only reason why wood flooring is perfect for your home. It's easy to care for, and long lasting too. Add to this a variety of styles to choose from, and you have a flooring material choice that delivers on every count.

 flooring company in Lawton, Oklahoma While hard wood floors earlier were restricted in the number of color choices they offered, today you can choose from a varied palette of shades. It's entirely possible to have a wood floor that is customized with stains and finishes to give you a unique floor. An olden wooden floor can be given a make over by staining and finishing it. The species of wood to choose from includes classic choices like oak hard wood floors, cherry wood flooring, maple, birch, walnut etc. If a traditional hard wood floor doesn't fall within your budget, consider a bamboo wood floor instead. These are now available in easy to use strips and planks that make them simple to install and easy to take care of. Engineered hard wood floors are comprised of several layers of wood that are bonded together. These floors have the grains running in different directions, and are ideal for rooms like basements, where a solid wood floor may not be practical. Also, consider the room itself. The kind of flooring that you need in a high traffic heavy use area like the kitchen, will be different from the kind of floor that you need in a formal living room.

Although wood flooring is available in a choice of price ranges, remember that the cheaper the wood, the lower the quality. A cheap hard wood floor will almost always have more natural imperfections and variations in color. A higher priced floor will offer not just deeper colors and the possibilities of special color washing, but also will have greater consistency in color. To make sure that your expensive wood floor lasts long, never use ordinary floor care products on your floor. Protect your wood floor by using rugs. Never leave water standing on your floor -- this can damage and discolor the wood. Also, remember to use flat foot wear on your wood floors. High heels that can exert as much as 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch can damage your wood floor. Never drag furniture across the floor, and always use a vacuum brush.

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