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1.20 Kitchen Floor Remodel...What kind of flooring do you have and do you like it?

Q. I'm wanting to either put in tile flooring, or slate flooring in our kitchen area. Right now we have vinal that Express Home Services installed. Which was a crappy job and the quality is less than zero. We will never use them again to install flooring. We ended up having to call and report them to the Register of Contractors because of their sloppy job. They even cut part of my carpet...Ugh..I was so unhappy with the whole thing. Anyway...our vinal is already coming apart and it's only been two years since we've had it put in. I know I don't want vinal again. I'm leaning towards tile, or slate. What do you have in your kitchen and is it easy to clean? Does it maintain its quality/durability? What company did you use and did you have great service? Please let me know what you have experienced, and any advice/suggestions you can give me to help me make the right choice, and to make me aware of anything that pertains to hiring someone/company to install the flooring itself. I just don't want to be taken advantage again like with Express Home Services. Thanks so much!

A. We have tile, they are about 1 ft by 1 ft. I love it! Its easy to clean too. One thing I recommend to you...if you pick tile flooring, look closely at the ridges in the pattern. Ours has a tendency to trap dirt in the ridges which regular mopping won't get rid of. I have to get on my hands & knees once a month & scrub with a brush to get into the ridges of the pattern. Next time we will go with a smoother finish! The house came with the tile, the guy we bought it from installed it himself. I helped my parents install the tile in their bathroom, and it really wasn't too hard to do. Consider doing it yourself! If you are going to hire someone, make sure you check with the BBB. Also, get recommendations from family & friends who might have used someone.

1.20 Is it difficult to do a kitchen remodeling project yourself?

Q. Once all the old cabinets have been removed, and the kitchen is down to the bare walls, is it difficult to install new cabinets and make everything fit perfectly and be level, plumb, and square? Should I install the tile flooring over the entire floor, even under the new cabinets, before I install the cabinets?

A. The kitchen is a common place many homeowners start their remodeling projects. Here is some "food for thought" to consider. After reading this you should have a better understanding on how you would like to change your kitchen around and be the talk of all the neighbors. Here are some suggestions to consider when you are starting your project: Appliances This is a good place to start. Take a look at the colors. Counter-tops This is a well used surface in the kitchen so you or any remodeler will start here. Depending on the habits of the one who cooks these surfaces may be stained or scratched from a lot of use. Cabinets This should be your third area of attack. When people walk inside of your kitchen this will be the first item they see because it is located at eye level. Worn out or faded cabinets can really make your kitchen look half a century old! Replace these as soon as you can. You will have two options. The cabinets can be refinished (sanded and repainted) or they can be totally replaced. The second is the most expensive, of course, but if you want to drastically change the look of your kitchen then you might want to go with this option. Kitchen Flooring Flooring accentuates all of your other items. It can totally bring your kitchen to life! You basically have four options: laminate, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum flooring. Again, each one has its pros and cons and within those flooring types there is a large swing in quality. For instance some laminate looks just as real as hardwood or stone while cheaper laminate flooring which you can get for $2 a square foot looks nice but at the same time definitely fakish looking.

1.20 Home remodeling question--adding a wall to enclose a dining room?

Q. I am extending a wall to enclose a dining room to a den. I read on a home improvement website that tile flooring underneath the extension would have to be removed. Does anyone know if only the necessary portion of tile can be removed without having to redo the entire floor? If so, what is the best way to do it? Thanks.

A. Yes, you can remove only the portion of the tile that will be located under the new wall. The simplest way to do this, would be to use a circular saw, with a diamond, or graphite blade (assuming this is ceramic tile). If this is actually vinyl tile, you dont need to remove it at all, just build right over it. You can get blades to cut ceramics, marble, steel, etc at your local building supply store... just tell them what diameter you need, and what you are cutting, and they can help you select the appropriate blade. The reason you remove ceramic tile, when installing a wall, is that securing the wall to the floor, will often crack the tile. By cutting out where the wall is to be installed, you avoid this. Once the tile is cut, then comes the fun part of prying out the portion where the wall will sit, hehehe. Have Fun

1.20 Name this Architectural style Please!?

Q. Have you ever been into a Tommy Bahama store? How about a Hollister store? I like the way both of these stores decorate the interior. Tommy Bahama has more of a warm feel with a lot of decorative wood trim and light green colors, i call that style "old world florida". Hollister is more dark, dim lighting, painted wood flooring,small octagon tile flooring and dark stained wood shutters all around the inside. Can anyone tell me exactally what style of design or architecture this is? Alot of people tell me things like "beach", "florida", "Key West", "So-Cal", but I can never find anything on those styles that look like what i want.Please Help. Im building a house and i have just sat down with an architect and I was wanting to combine both of these styles and have my architect come up with something but I dont know how to describe it to him, niether can i find any referance material for him to look at. Thanks RaceReed

A. Well, you are talking about the inside of two chain stores, not a real house, so they are almost certainly a mishmash of several styles rather than being in a "real" architectural style. But, some possibilities for what you're describing: Florida vernacular, Low Country (the vernacular of coastal South Carolina), and Cracker (southern GA/north FL). "Key West" isn't a bad way to describe the look, either.

1.20 Hoping that there is a dog expert out there?

Q. Ok, so my dog has this problem and i am so cluless as to what it might be so i am hoping his will help. last, like 2 days she has been acting really odd. now, normally she will jump off of a chair without much hesitation at all but lately i have noticed that she is extremely scared to jump down. and our couches and chairs ar not that high up and she never had a problem before now, and keep n ind she is a little dog. so, we have tile flooring in our kitchen and i had left her on a chair for a little while just to see what ould happen, after awhile she syarted to bark and would not stop until i would help her. i wanted to tilt the chair to help coax her down. she sid off and yelped. i do not know what leg hit the floor first so i am unclear about which leg might hurt but my mom and me think that it might be her front end that is in pain. and in our living room we have a wood floor that has a carpet on top of it and the same scenario. she wnt come down without help. she has no problem jumping on our couches or the kitchen chairs fr that matter. when she is in the living room and wants down, again she will bark and be extremely scared to come down. i tossed a ball on the couch, she went after it and then just layed there. and i have also notice she seems to sleep a little more than what is normal for her. she doesnt yelp when she comes down off of things in the living room though, i thought that was a little weird. but, now re you ready for this one? she is totally normal when she walks around. she doesnt favor one leg over the oher. i also put pressure on every part of her body i can think of nd she has not yelped or pulled away from me and she is the kind of dog where if she is hurt or you hurt her she will tell you. i thought it could be possible arthritis cause her left leg, on the shoulder always felt, i dont know what the word is, like less muscle as there. my sister thougt it may just be a phase. but i am so not sure. no one hurt her, but i want it to be something so this way i will at least have an answer. and i love her to pieces but i dont want to take her to the vet and get charged just t find out something may or may not be wrong. i really and truly need some major help with this!!! please!!

A. There is absolutely NO way anyone can tell what is wrong with your dog via computer. You must take her to the vet to be checked out, probably be x=rayed too so that the vet can determine wht is wrong with her legs or back -- no dog pretends, she has a problem, you can depend on that. By the time a dog shows pain, she is in agony, dogs try to hide illness or injury as long as possible, it's a survival trait. Take your dog to a good vet to have her checked out - that's hardly a waste of money as you seem to clearly see a problem --- find out what it is and help your dog get well.

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1.00 Any Professional ceramic floor tile layers out their, advice required?

Q. A customer of mine has got someone to put ceramic tiles down in their upstairs bathroom. He has told them to rip up the floorboards and lay 12mm thick waterproof ply instead. Floorboards should be no less than 18mm thick, so whats he going on about?

A. Floor boards need to be screwed down in all cases. You can lay on boards with timber fix also use as grout (slow buts works). You can ply floor sealing the rear and edges of the board before screwing at 12" centers. You can level floor and fix wedi board. Fix tiles with flex andhesive and flex grout. over 35 years in trade and still at it.

1.00 STATISTIC EXPERTS help : Multiple choice q1 Which one of the variables below is a categorical variable?

Q. Which one of the variables below is a categorical variable? (1) The weight (in kilograms) of a soldier in the army (2) The size of a nursery (in square metres) (3) The time (in months) before a carton of milk expires (4) The kind of tile fitted to the bathroom floor of a new house (5) The height of a newly planted tree (in centimetres) is it 1 2 3 4 or 5 ?

A. A categorical variable is one that cannot be quantified in numbers, but can be sorted into categories. so it is 4

Tile Flooring

 Flooring - Tile Flooring Tiles as a flooring material are ideal for heavy use areas, like kitchens. They are easy to clean, durable and don't harbor pollen, pet dander dust mites and other allergens, thereby ensuring that your floors are safe for use, if you have members of the family with allergy problems. Your flooring will have a natural look that can be complemented by a range of design patterns. You can combine various sizes of tiles, mix and match textures, and play around with colors to create intricate patterns that provide dramatic effect to your room. You can even combine the geometric lay out of your flooring, and experiment with a variety of trim tiles to explore a seemingly limitless range of design possibilities. Tiles are long lasting and durable, and depending on the material, need no polishing and finishing.

 flooring company in Lawton, Oklahoma When it comes to tile flooring, there are any numbers of options open to the modern home owner. Choose from Saltillo tiles or Mexican tiles that have an earthy rustic feel to them, and high gloss sophisticated granite tiles that give your home an exclusive look. Between these two extremes are a host of other tiles that can make your home seem warm, cozy or formal. Ceramic tiles are affordable, easy to install and simple to care for. Marble flooring can now be installed in the form of convenient marble tiles that give your home a refined look. Marble tiles can increase your property value by changing an ordinary room into an ultra luxurious one. Granite tiles are the most durable of all options, and its hardness makes it the flooring of choice in high traffic areas, like kitchens and hall ways. You can expect your granite tiles to last for years without fading or any signs of wear and tear. Slate tiles are also durable, and have interesting earth and metal shades that give this type of flooring a unique look.

The beauty of a floor is reflected by the quality of the installation. Hire only a qualified and licensed floor installer to lay out your new floors. We give the control of selecting an accomplished flooring contractor back in your hands. All you have to do is fill out the form, and within 48 hours, you will hear from 4 of the most reputed flooring contractors in Lawton. With a choice of contractors, all eminently well qualified and highly experienced, competing for your business, you can take all the time you need to compare flooring contractors, and come to a decision. This ensures that you get the right contractor for the job, instead of settling for the first flooring installer you find.

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