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We need our home carpeted and or wood. I est. apporx. 1000-1500 sq' area. Med grade upgrade padding and eco friendly. Need by Thanksging and can assist in moving furniture. also 2 story steps and 6 closets. Thank you

Tammy M

Looking to install tile/etc. in two small bathrooms.

Scott M

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Flooring - Flooring Questions
1.50 How do you remove laminate flooring that was put down and glued to the floor?

Q. I have this horrible laminate flooring in my house but it's hard to take off the sub-floor because the laminate is glued to the floor. I have been taking it out with a screw driver and hammer and it kinda damages the sub-floor. Is there a way to take out the laminate with little damage to the sub-floor?

A. That is a very tedious job. You will be sitting there forever with a pry bar though. You can also buy a floor scraper for about $20 at any hardware store. Generally found in the flooring dept. Take my experience though, all depending on what you re-cover with (ie. tile, carpet, etc) if you are going with tile, you need to have a glue free surface. Plywood is inexpensive and easier to remove that your laminate, Not to mention the time and aggravation you will save.

1.20 When you redecorate?

Q. Do you choose to do it your self? How often do replace your flooring (carpets viynl ect) How much do you spend on flooring? Do you prefer to call a proffesional flooring expert to install your floors ? how much do you pay for this? What factors are involved when you go shopping for new floors? Is new flooring high up on your list or is it some thing that you don`t give much thought to? Do you know quality flooring when you see it or do you trust the sales person? would you prefer to buy flooring direct from a floor layer and why?

A. I have just re-decorated my sittingroom. Put up new wallpaper and re-painted over the old paint with a different colour. The hallway is next as will follow the rest of the house. Between mysaelf and my son we will complete the job. At the moment I an awaiting the delivery of the sittingroom carpet. Should be good when its all finished.

1.20 Is putting in laminate wood flooring really as easy as they make it seem?

Q. I am moving into my first house next week and I am doing the laminate flooring myself....can anyone tell me if they have done it an how easy or hard it actually was? Also, do you know if I can just put the pad and laminate flooring on top of the kitchen flooring that is already there? Thanks for your help in advance!

A. Make sure the particular flooring you are getting needs no other supplies..some requires a simple underlayment(fabric type sheeting)..and some require you buy these foam rubber gasket type items that the baseboard needs pulled and they have to tuck under it to help lock in without moving..Just make sure before purchasing..that you are aware of what all is needed..Remember..most of these floorings need to have the base board removed to install properly

1.20 How long do you have to leave concrete floors to dry before laying hardwood flooring in a new house?

Q. We are considering laying hardwood flooring in the living/dining room of our new house. The floor is concrete and we have been told we need to wait for a period of time before laying wood flooring. The time period varies with who we ask, but we've been told anything from 3 months to 2 years! Does anyone have any direct experience of this? Is it a load of rubbish or is it genuine?

A. Would have thought that after a week or so when the concrete was set it would be ok to lay flooring. Maybe the flooring contractors are trying to put you off until they can fit in the job!!

1.20 What kind of flooring would you lay in a bottom level of a tri-level house?

Q. I live in a tri-level home. The upstairs has hardwood floors in all but the bathroom and it has ceramic tile. The main floor will soon be remodeled so its not an issue at this point. The bottom level has a bathroom, pantry and bedroom. We have gutted the bathroom and are trying to decide what type of floor to put down. Its a concrete floor as of now. What kind of floor would be best and should i do the ENTIRE lower level the same flooring? Im thinking resale value.

A. Any moisture at all in that lower level, I d do that whole area in ceramic..And if the house is a few years old, and you have no vapor barriers , again I d do ceramic. Using area rugs as needed. Any moisture issues at all or no vapor barrier I wouldn t do any carpet or vinyl since it can ruin carpet and the hydro static pressure can blow off any vinyl glued down. If this level comes off a garage again I d do ceramic.. If you have a vapor barrier and have no moisture troubles a glue direct engineered hard wood looks great and ceramic in the bath unless its a 1/2 bath then you can let it flow right in there but thats your choice. Any other flooring questions you can e mail me thru my avatar GL

1.20 What type of flooring can be installed over a heated floor in the basement?

Q. I read about the electrically heated strips that can be installed on the concrete floor. What types of flooring can be used with this type of heating?

A. Most hardwoods are suitable, ceramic tile, carpet, and some laminates. its always a good idea to check with experts.

1.20 How can i change my laminate flooring to a white kind of floor?

Q. My living room is has laminate flooring but i would like to change it to white flooring permenantly. what is the best way to do this? i saw this item in ikea called floor lining would that work?

A. The lining actually goes under the laminate - so it wouldn't work. You would need to either paint the laminate with a primer then white floor paint - which is actually not a bad look - but you can't really use the floor until the paint cures - which is a few weeks, plus you will need to repaint every few years.

1.20 What type of sub floor should I install under vinyl flooring?

Q. This is in the bathroom. Right now we are down to the bare wood planks. What should we use as a sub floor before installing the vinyl flooring?

A. Most commonly called luan, ( 1/4" smooth on one side ply) Screws, ring shanked nails or you can rent a special stapler to put it down with. Use a special joint compound on the seams and any small imperfections in the wood. Dries an matter of minutes , 1/2 hr at the most. Most commonly used for this is called Ardex, but there are others on the market. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar..GL

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